Concerns have been raised about the amount of litter being left at beauty spots in the region in recent days.

A combination of 'Freedom Day' on Monday and the ongoing heatwave have brought crowds flocking to picturesque locations in West Yorkshire and around the county's rural borders.

Sadly, a number of areas have seen an uplift in the dumping of drinks bottles, food wrappers and beer cans, as some visitors fail to take home their rubbish.

One problem area is the car park near Woodhead Tunnel, which sits near the West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire borders and lies within Derbyshire.

On Tuesday night, the car park was strewn with litter, while the approach road had fallen victim to a severe case of fly-tipping.

One visitor from Kirklees, who did not wish to be named, said: "The place was a mess - I was quite shocked just how bad.

"I know we've got more freedoms back and the weather is amazing, but why does that mean people have forgotten how to do the decent thing and clear up after themselves?"

The area is popular with those wanting to access the scenic Longdendale Trail, which runs along a disused trans-Pennine railway line, as well as people looking to walk up onto the surrounding moorland.