BRADFORD Council have said decisions to close schools are "never taken lightly" after three were shut due to a spike in Covid cases.

Lister Primary, Farfield Primary and Oldfield Primary are all currently shut with the latter two finished for the summer break.

Yesterday, Lister Primary was forced to close its doors due to a staff shortage caused by Eid and Covid isolation.

Farfield Primary had seen a rise in positive Covid cases meaning the school will now not open for the rest of the week.

The school said: "Due to a spike in positive Covid-19 cases the school will now be closed for the summer break. Since last Wednesday there has been a significant spike in positive Covid-19 cases within our school community. We have therefore made the difficult decision to close two days early for the summer."

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “Decisions to close schools are never taken lightly and always based on the best interests of staff and students. Due to Eid celebrations and the number of positive Covid-19 cases impacting on staff attendance and requiring a number of pupils to self-isolate, three schools are currently closed.”