LISTENING to what people actually need from their internet service, and fixing the problems inherent in the system were the catalysts that created Legend Telecom.

Founded by entrepreneur, Josh Zen, in 2017, the business has grown from a germ of an idea into a national communications provider, specialising in VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol.

Essentially, VoIP converts incoming or outgoing calls into digital signals that transmit through the internet. This means that you can easily receive and make business calls around the world using a softphone or a desk phone.

Boasting flexibility, scalability, and a host of useful features, VoIP is one of the world’s most popular communication systems.

Josh could see that the biggest problem with VoIP is NAT (Network Address Translation), which limits the use of office telephonic equipment at home, without major reconfiguration of the router that can only be done by an IT engineer.

So he created a VoIP platform that resolves these issues, and offers a service that rivals the multi-nationals.  

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“If I see a problem in an industry, I try and work around that problem,” he explains. “I develop software that fixes the issues that people are facing.”

While software is Josh’s expertise, he didn’t follow the conventional university route.

“I applied to university to do computer science, but I’m a kinaesthetic-wholly learner, which meant that university wasn’t the right path for me,” he says. “Although half the course was kinaesthetic, which I could do, the other half was visual and audio stuff, which I struggled with.”

Kinaesthetic learning is about learning through physical activity, rather than listening to lectures or watching demonstrations.

Josh’s solution was to do what he does best – get hands-on and work it out for himself. He developed software “that helps people achieve what they need with internet” and launched Legend Telecom as “a decent internet that doesn’t charge silly prices”.

With more and more people working from home – escalated by Covid-19 – the VoIP platform grew from listening to what customers really needed, and finding a way to provide it for them.

Josh explains: “Businesses have to stay professional, so if you take your business phone home, an IT engineer has to come around and reconfigure your router to enable you to send and receive business calls. With many telecom companies, you pay a fixed monthly fee, whether you use your business phone every day or just once a month.

“With the VoIP platform that I’ve developed, it completely gets around this, so we have VoIP on our mobiles and our desktops, and there’s no extra configuration required – It’s just a plug-and-play system.”

Legend Telecom promises customers unlimited downloads; high speed; and full control of their services. Because the platform has been developed locally and Josh and his team are based in Bradford, any local problem solving is quickly and easily dealt with.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The Legend Building, 167-169 Sunbridge Rd, Bradford, BD1 2HB

Tel: 01274 288222