A NETBALL class in Bradford hosted by an England star went down a treat this past Friday.

Ziana Butt, the first British Pakistani to represent an England team (Under-21s), visited Parkside Sports Centre in BD5 to work with Nutrition Advice, Fitness & Selfcare (NAFS), who support socially isolated women/girls from BAME communities in Bradford.

A mixture of ages, races and cultures attended in the 30 people limit which was restricted due to Covid.

Founder of NAFS, Nadera Amini, said: "The session went very well. It was popular and we had loads of people sign up.

"Due to Covid, we were only able to facilitate 30 people and we easily had that number.

"There was a mixture of young families, mothers with children, girls from school, and students.

"We had a lot of communities involved too like Central Americas, Caribbean, African, South Asian and English. It was a great way to bring the community together.

"We also managed to connect professionals with the community. People from the police department, a council representative came and a Covid champion too.

"People were overwhelmed to have this opportunity to see Ziana in person. She is a professional players and a female role model coming from the South Asian community. Everybody wanted to come meet her. She led the whole session; skills, drills and a match.

"The atmosphere was very professional. Everybody was engaging, enthusiastic, and being competitive.

"The time flew and we had food afterwards making it two hours (4pm-6pm). We had a Q&A at the end too.

"People want more of this, they really enjoyed this session. We are planning to do another event in the summer.

If you would like to get involved in NAFS' next session, email fitness-nafs@outlook.com or ring 07884292992.