In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from the past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these photos?

Pictured above, De Lacy FC and their 1991 team line-up.

Back, from left: Chris Keenan, Ronnie Moscrop, Philip Spence, Tony O’Neill, David Fawcett, Royston Greaves. Front: Kenny Gallagher, Dean Lovett, Kevin Hodgson, Joe McGinley, Peter Smith, George Mandos.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DE LACY FC 1989

DE LACY FC 1989: Back, from left: George Manders, Philip Spence, Chris Keenan, Kevin Hodgson, Gary Morton, Steve McRickard, Carl Ford. Front: Chris Keenan, Darren Horn, Mark Warren, Chris Rhodes, Mick Middleditch, Danny Keenan.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DELVERS 1994

DELVERS 1994: Back: Darren Gray, Craig Gillespie, Lee Daines, Howard Flinn, Dave Carr, Ian McDonald. Front: Phil Brown, Brendan Collier, Darren Larner, Mark Brady, Simon Parkin, Shaun Sutton.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DICK DELANEY’S 1993

DICK DELANEY’S 1993: Back: Brian Taylor, Mick Taylor, Andy Malone, Mick Cicconn, Kevin Gilmore, Steve Poutch, Paul Hewson. Front: Mick Willis, Steve Burice, Dave Ward, Andy Jackson, Chris Clayton, Steve Morrell.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DRUM ROVERS 1990

DRUM ROVERS 1990: Back, from left: Martin Dodsley, Tony Brennan, Johnny Lees, Steve Biddiscombe, Bev Fielding, Jeremy Robertshaw, Howard Stead. Front: Andy Waddingham, Richard Morton, Mark Woods, Gary Dodsworth, Alan Dodsley, Gary Webster.

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