PLANS to build three townhouses on a plot of land in Long Lee have been refused by Bradford Council over safety concerns.

The plans would have seen the block of three-bed terraced houses built in Long Lee Lane, opposite the junction with Spring Avenue.

Objections were made about the development, centred on “too many” houses in the village and pressure on local services, and Keighley Town Council also said the houses wouldn’t match surrounding dwellings.

Bradford Council's highways department also rejected the plans, detailing there were safety concerns around parking and access to the road.

In the planning officer's report it said: "There is no submission of drawings or details of the proposed access/egress, parking provision or turning circles within the site.

"The lack of this information does not allow the Local Authority to make a detailed conclusion on the impact of the proposed development.

"The lack of parking provision for three separate dwellings would result in adverse impact of the highway safety of road users of this busy road, particularly when manoeuvring around the junction.

"As well as the lack of parking provision, there are no details on the access into the site, nor are there any indications of turning circles or demonstration of inter-visibility by means of appropriate splays.

"There is no indication on connectivity with the footpath or pedestrian walkways to provide access to the dwellings.

"As the site would be positioned on a busy main road and adjacent to a give way junction, this proposal would be unacceptable, as such will result in an increased demand for on street parking, and/or vehicles obstructing the safe and free flow of traffic and movement of pedestrians as they await access or overhang the footway."

In refusing the plans, Bradford Council said the plans failed to provide “safe, sufficient and workable access and parking and presents a threat to highway and pedestrian safety.”

The layout of the site, with an open front and no perimeter work, would also be “out of character” with the surrounding area, planning officers added.