A JOURNALIST and author has been given ideas of things to do in Bradford when she brings her tour to the city this weekend.

Caitlin Moran will be performing at St George’s Hall on Sunday night as her ‘More Than A Woman’ live national tour which gets under way in the city.

It is a stage version of her light-hearted book of the same name which explores life for women after 30.

She asked her followers on Twitter which places she should visit in the Bradford district while she is here.

Her followers did not let her down as here are a few spots Caitlin has to stop at while she stays in Bradford.

The winners included the Science and Media Museum, going for a curry, The Cake’ole Cake Shop in City Park, The Record Café in North Parade, Lister Park and Salts Mill.

We will have to keep an eye on Caitlin’s social media over the next few days to see how many she manages to visit.