SHIPLEY, Skipton and Pudsey are among the most up-and-coming property hotspots in the region, according to a study.

Pudsey was ranked as the most up-and-coming property hotspot in Yorkshire and the Humber, with Skipton in third place and Shipley fourth.

Ranking above anywhere in London or the South East too, Pudsey ranked as the 14th most up-and-coming property hotspot in the whole of the UK, after analysis of more than 600 locations based on defining factors such as house price increases, quality of schools and increases in people searching for a move to the area.

The in-depth study, commissioned by property portal Boomin, was topped by Gower in Wales - while the rest of the top 20 was largely dominated by other Welsh locations and the North West, making Pudsey's 14th place even more of a success.