WITH the arrival of 5G imminent in Bradford, providing people with super-fast connectivity to the internet on their smartphones and other devices, it means that a whole host of 5G masts need to be built.

Since March, there have been nine planning applications submitted for the construction of these mammoth masts, all of which will measure at least 18 metres in height, more than double the height of the standard house.

Of the nine applications, six have already been granted, bringing superfast connectivity to communities around the district, with the other three pending approvel.

Concerns have been raised about the appearance of the huge monopoles and the impact on communities - indeed in nearby Scholes some residents said their village had been "defaced" by the 5G mast installed there - but it's accepted the benefits of 5G connectivity outweigh the appearance of the masts.

Conspiracy theorists have also peddled ridiculous falsehoods about 5G, such as that it causes Covid-19, autism and the deaths of trees and birds, all of which have been comprehensively proved to be utter nonsense.

Here are the locations of the nine 5G masts set to be built around the Bradford district:

  • Land on Riverside Estate, Shipley - a 20 metre tall monopole in associated wraparound cabinet
  • Hill top Lane, Allerton - 18m monopole and cabinet
  • West Lane, Baildon - 18m monopole and cabinet
  • Wapping Road, city centre - 18m monopole and cabinet
  • Skipton Road, Steeton-with-Eastburn - 20m monopole and cabinet
  • Leeds Old Road, Bradford Moor - 20m monopole with cabinet
  • Otley Road, Baildon - 20m monopole with cabinet (awaiting decision)
  • Otley Road, Menston - 20m monopole with cabinet (awaiting decision)
  • York Street, Fairweather Green - 20m monopole with cabinet (awaiting decision)

In the Spen Valley, plans for two 5G masts to be built have also been approved with two other awaiting decisions.

They are located in:

  • Lathams Poultry Farm, Lathams Lane, Gomersal - upgrade to existing 15m monopole
  • Whitehall Road West, Hunsworth - 18m monopole with cabinet
  • Rochester Road, Birstall - 18m monopole with cabinet (awaiting decision)
  • Kitson Hill road, Mirfield - 18m monopole with cabinet (awaiting decision)

Meanwhile plans for an 18m monopole 5G mast in Keighley Road, Illingworth are awaiting a decision from Calderdale Council.

In the nearby Leeds area, a plan for a 18m 5G mast in Rodley Lane, Farsley has been approved, while two other proposed masts have been refused.

One - a 15m mast - was set to be built in Tyersal View, Tyersal, but was refused for spoiling the views of nearby residents, and the decision has been appealed.

The other - a proposed 18m mast in land off the Stanningley bypass in Pudsey - was refused due to "planned redevelopment of the area to implement highways improvement works", Leeds City Council said.

You can comment on the plans awaiting decisions by visiting the respective council's planning website.