COUNCILLORS will decide whether to implement a 20mph zone, including new traffic calming measures, on one of Bradford’s busiest roads.

Bradford Council announced it was planning to introduce a 20mph limit to a number of streets including Great Horton Road, Shearbridge Road and Woodhead Road in an attempt to reduce accidents and anti-social driving.

A consultation was held in February, and next Thursday members of the Council’s Bradford West Area Committee will vote whether to go ahead with the changes.

Members will be told that there have been numerous objections to the proposals.

The 20mph zone will include the streets between Horton Grange Road, Great Horton Road, Legrams Lane and Shearbridge Road.

As well as the new speed limit there will be two speed plateaus on Great Horton Road - either side of the junction with Summerville Road.

Another would be installed on Shearbridge Road, near the mini roundabout. There would be a series of speed bumps on Shearbridge Road, and speed “thumps” on Summerville Road.

The work is expected to cost around £50,000.

Bradford's latest 20mph zone rolls out

A report to the committee says: “There have been a significant number of recorded collisions on Great Horton Road, Shearbridge Road and on adjacent streets in the immediate locality resulting in personal injury.

“In the last five years there have been a total of 33 casualties; seven serious and 26 slight of which 12 were pedestrians.

“Furthermore nine of these casualties were aged 16 year old or under. Therefore, it is proposed to implement a 20mph zone and

traffic calming measures to encourage vehicle speeds appropriate for the high levels of pedestrian movement.

“Evidence shows that reducing the speed of cars will protect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, and save lives.”

“20mph zones have been shown to have a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health, their quality of life, community cohesion, and are important in encouraging sustainable and healthy modes of transport.”

There have been 12 objections to the plans, with objectors claiming the speed bumps could damage their cars and harm the image of the area.

One objectors said the new speed limit would mean vehicles would struggle to get up the street in icy weather, and another claimed there were no known cases of speeding on Summerville Road or Shearbridge Road.

The committee meets in City Hall at 6pm next Thursday.