YEADON-based airline Jet2 has welcomed news that holidaymakers may be able to avoid quarantine after returning from amber list countries - if they have been fully vaccinated.

The Government is reportedly looking at proposals that could allow Britons who have had both Covid-19 vaccine doses to avoid having to quarantine.

A Government spokeswoman confirmed that work has begun to “consider the role of vaccinations” for inbound travel following the continued success of the jab’s rollout.

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2Holidays, said: “This is very welcome news and should represent a meaningful restart to international travel in the very near future.

"The vaccination programme was designed to protect people from coronavirus so that they can enjoy their freedoms once again.

"If people have received two doses of the vaccine and are still not allowed to travel overseas to enjoy their holidays, what is the purpose of the vaccination programme? The rollout has been a huge success, so it is time for us all to enjoy the benefits of that.

"As well as vaccination rates, the UK Government has said that they are making decisions about international travel based on infection rates too. If this data is driving these decisions, then we believe that destinations such as Malta, the Balearic Islands and many islands in Greece should be open to holidaymakers from the UK.

"At present, the UK remains largely grounded and our customers are left to look on with envy whilst the rest of Europe opens up. We look forward to flying again soon and will continue to work with the UK Government to achieve that.”