Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley has once again been compared to Alan Partridge after a ‘Hitler Youth’ comment he made during a Shamima Begum debate on Wednesday morning’s instalment of the show.  

Alan Partridge is a comedy character portrayed by Steve Coogan and has long been compared to real life TV presenter Richard Madeley.

The Good Morning Britain host appeared alongside Susanna Reid to discuss whether Shamima Begum should be allowed to return to the UK.

Shamima has asked for a second chance in a new documentary with journalist Andrew Drury arguing that she is a “traumatised girl who has done wrong”.

At the end of the discussion, Richard shocked viewers when he made what he considered an “interesting point”.

After reading comments from viewers of which 88% said she should not allowed to return, Richard gave his opinion.

He said: "There's one interesting point that I was thinking about last night.

"Obviously we had the Nuremberg trials after the war and we hanged quite a few Nazis and we imprisoned a lot of others and left them out eventually.

"But we didn't go after the Hitler youth, as far as I'm aware.

"We didn't go after the Hitler youth, we only went after adults who served in the Hitler regime.

"That's just something to reflect on I think."

He added: "Anyway thanks for all your responses. I don't know what I think about it, it's so difficult."

His comments sparked instant reactions from viewers on social media.

“Madeley has just gone full Partridge again when talking about Shamima Begum,” one viewer said.

Another replied: “Honestly it’s just genius. There’s no way Richard Madeley isn’t a character.”

A third added: “Richard Madeley is the best thing on TV by a country mile.”

A fourth viewer joked: “Do you think Richard Madeley sees Alan Partridge as just a quite boring documentary?”

Others praised co-host Susanna Reid for keeping a straight face and maintaining professional.

One viewer tweeted: “Uhm, what now? How Susanna Reid keeps it together during this is beyond me. What point is Madeley trying to make here?”

“The way she seals her lips around the 20 second mark as he brings up Nuremberg and she knows he's about to say something appalling and she mustn't react is a true pro at work,” said another.

A third added: “I don’t know how she gets through each day.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV1.