SIR - Robbie Moore, Conservative MP for Keighley, rightly says (T&A, June 5) that speeding motor vehicles are a huge concern and that enough is enough.

He also raises the issue of loud-engine cars which regularly drive over the speed limit.

Cars with illegal, overly-loud, exhausts are rife throughout the district and yet little, if anything, is being done about the problem. Owners of such vehicles are very often those who speed on our roads.

Cars are supposed to have an exhaust similar to that fitted at first manufacture, but far too many have been modified to be extremely noisy. All these vehicles need to be stopped and forced to have legal exhausts fitted immediately. It is something that needs to move up the police's priority list. You could add to this the many cars with illegally spaced number plates, most also lacking the legally required manufacturers details.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon