BUSINESSES in the Bradford District are being encouraged to get involved in a ground breaking scheme - the first of its kind in the country - and reward their community.

Citizen Coin is a new scheme that has been launched in the district, and it rewards people who have volunteered in their local community or done social good with a digital "coin" that they can use at businesses and retailers to claim a discount.

There are over 70 businesses signed up to the scheme and people can use the digital coins at cafes, hairdressers, beauty salons, phone repair shops, florists, hairdressers, school uniform providers, nail bars, sports grounds, takeaways, hotels, creperies, go carting, burger bars, restaurants and more.

People can join the scheme via a mobile app and receive free digital coins. The coins can then be exchanged for discounts on goods and services at selected stores. Those earning coins can also opt to gift their coins to other people and organisations.

This year has been extremely challenging for retail and service sectors alike. Businesses have had to adapt to changing circumstances often at short notice. Citizen Coin Bradford gives local business the opportunity to be part of a scheme that not only complements their existing business, but adds social and reputational value. This is achieved by building and strengthening new and existing customer relationships.

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The App is simple to use - once registered with Citizen Coin Bradford people can browse the activities and book on what they like.

After they complete the activity, the organisation will reward you in Citizen Coin/s. The App is free to use, those who download and register before July 31 will receive 10 free Citizen Coins for registering.

For more information visit to can see how to sign up and what offers are available.

Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “I am thrilled that already so many local businesses are getting involved to support this great scheme. Not only are they rewarding our residents who do so much in their communities but they are also using this opportunity to help their own business. We know that this past year has been difficult for so many of our small businesses and retailers and we hope that this will provide some extra publicity and footfall to give their business an important boost now and looking to the future.”

Cllr Abdul Jabar, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, said: “People across our district give up so much of their time to help others and volunteer to make Bradford District a great place to live and work and this is one way which they can be rewarded. We recognise the value of volunteering and doing social good and have seen this year more than any other how kind and thoughtful the people of our district are and how they can make change for good during this very difficult year. I hope that people who currently volunteer will look to sign up and people and organisations who are interested in doing social good take a look at this scheme. I would also encourage local businesses to get involved.”

Ursula Sutcliffe, owner of Plant One On Me, said: “What a fantastic idea Citizen coin is, we joined because we want to celebrate and reward those who are doing good for our communities.”

Katie from Bread+Roses, said: "We are so happy to be involved with Citizen Coin Bradford, here at Bread+Roses we rely heavily on the great work of volunteers and it's fantastic to be able to reward them with coins to spend in our local businesses."

Farah from Academia-Apparel said: "This is a revolutionary scheme for Bradford District, not only does it help local small businesses with a free publicity platform, it also gives us the opportunity to really thank all those kind people in our communities who give up their time to make positive differences for others. We are proud to be a legacy business that supports such a gratifying initiative."

Shabana from The Cutting & Colour Room, said: "We love what we do here at The Cutting&Colour Room. We work with all kinds of hair types and thrive on challenging hair. Having Citizen Coin is such an amazing idea, helping to reach out to the wider community bringing people back into Bradford. Citizen Coin is opening up opportunities for communities to help support local businesses. In return we as small local businesses will help support communities.”

Natalia from Glamour Style said: "Brilliant idea, young people helping out the community and businesses”

Tanveer, from Tech Bitz said: “We have been part of this journey for a couple of months and I am seeing significant changes for communities and businesses. Great Stuff.”

If a local business wants more information about how to get involved contact