A TOTAL of 15,000 trees have been planted in Keighley to reduce flood risk in the River Aire catchment and mitigate climate change.

The project, led by the Environment Agency, will see the newly planted trees will help reduce flood risk locally and downstream and also enhance the town’s green spaces.

A mix of Birch, Beech, Oak, Aspen, Rowan, Hornbeam, Small-leaved Lime and Wild Cherry were planted on six hectares at Damems Lane and Guardhouse Allotments.

Keighley Town Council Mayor, Councillor Julie Adams, said: “We have been committed to the creation of cleaner greener and safer communities since declaring a climate change emergency in July 2019 and a key objective is to significantly increase the number of trees planted within the Keighley Town Council Parish, create more wildlife habitats and conservation areas whilst significantly reducing the risk of flooding.

“We are therefore delighted to have teamed up with the Environment Agency to create a fantastic lasting and inspirational resource for future generations.”