A BRIDGE over a Bradford street that was once used to transport goods into a department store has been demolished.

The former Marks & Spencer building on Darley Street is being demolished to make way for the new £23 million Darley Street Market.

Construction company Kier have been on site for several weeks, with Piccadilly closed to traffic.

In the past few days workers have pulled down the large second storey link bridge that connects the rear of the M&S building to Vintry House on the other side of the street - a modern structure that dominated Piccadilly and its many Victorian era buildings for decades.

It marks one of the most visible milestones yet in the 113 week long demolition and construction process that began in April.

Council says new Darley Street Market will kickstart city's "green recovery"

Demolition of the former department store and neighbouring units, including a former Woolworths store, is expected to last for much of the year.

The construction of the three storey market and a neighbouring "city square" is due to be completed in June 2023.

The two existing markets, Oastler Market and Kirkgate Market in the Kirkgate Centre, will then be shut. Oastler Market would then be demolished and the site used for a new "city village" of new housing.