MORRISONS has launched a limited-edition ‘Best of Europe Pizza’ so customers can grab a slice of the action during Euro 2020. The 14-inch pizza combines flavour favourites from four footballing giants, with Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy all coming together to make one pizza perfect to watch the group stages with.

Divided into quarters, Morrisons ‘Best of Europe Pizza’ is topped with frankfurters and red onion, chorizo and chargrilled peppers, mozzarella and pesto, and spicy peri peri chicken.

The new pizza is landing in-store at the perfect time for Euro 2020 parties and is being released ahead of England, Wales and Scotland’s first games in the tournament. Priced at £3.89, Morrisons ‘Best of Europe Pizza’ is a fraction of the price of limited-edition pizzas at high street pizza restaurants.

It will be hand-made by Morrisons Market Street experts in counters nationwide from today.

Leanne Cory, Pizza Buyer at Morrisons, said: “With so much excitement for the Euros, we wanted to give customers the ultimate opportunity to tuck into the best flavours of Europe, while enjoying the match.”

Morrisons ‘Best of Europe Pizza’ has the following countries’ flavours; • Germany – Frankfurter sausage, red onion and mustard • Spain – Chorizo and chargrilled peppers • Italy – Mozzarella, pesto and tomato • Portugal – Spicy piri piri chicken It will be available from Morrisons Pizza Counters from today until Sunday, July 11.