A BRADFORD MP has slammed wannabe racers calling them a “blight on the city” and is “deeply concerned” after videos of a range of vehicles participating in Fast & Furious-style racing emerged online.

Smoky scenes can be seen as large crowds gathered day and night to watch drag races, wheel spins, cars performing doughnuts and drifting on roads in Bradford and Leeds.

The most ludicrous video, which dates back to May 20, was uploaded by Unruly Ryders and is named ‘Leeds & Bradford Car Show With Dem F***ing Certified Drivers’, begins with a ‘gunshot’.

The main location seems to be Mount Street, just off Leeds Road, with a second video also by the same account named ‘Bradford Car Meet Street Party (Mount Street)’ posted on May 5.

Meanwhile, Knowsthorpe Gate and Lowfields Road are understood to be some of the addresses in Leeds that were used.

Most of the footage shows cars are the primary vehicle of use, although motorcyclists, including a learner, and the front end of a pickup truck also appear to be involved.

One of the video’s description seems to suggest the ‘Leeds & Bradford Car Show’ is a weekly event across both cities.

It reads: “Every Sunday different cars (big and small) show up and show off their talent and skills behind the wheel. The location is different every week.”

Speaking on the videos, which the police were unable to comment on, Imran Hussain, MP for Bradford East, said: “Bradford has a well established car culture with many owners wanting to show off their cars and modifications, but they must do so in a manner that abides by the rules of the road, respects other road users and doesn’t put people at risk. I am therefore deeply concerned by the numerous instances of dangerous driving in these videos.

“These reckless and dangerous drivers who treat public highways as their own personal racetracks with little thought for others give anyone who is interested in proudly displaying their cars in a perfectly legal way a bad name, and they are a blight on Bradford who must be stopped and held accountable.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Bowling and Barkerend councillor Hassan Khan and Bradford Moor councillor Riaz Ahmed have both seen the clips and totally condemn the behaviour on show.

Cllr Khan said: “Street racing is an illegal thing to do on a public road. It is extremely dangerous for our community and the residents of the area.

“People are still suffering from the pandemic and people are coming out to events like this like they don’t care.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Cllr Ahmed added: “It is anti-social behaviour which is unwanted and something which is not only dangerous for those concerned but others as well.

“Something similar to this seems to happen every night on Leeds Road which the police are well aware of but it seems to be 9-5 policing instead of when this is happening, late on in the evening.

“It is very concerning. They are putting their lives and others’ at risk. Police need to do more.

“The videos show it happening in an industrial area, which is not well used at night, but you never know somebody might be going past.

“Unless we nip it in the bud now, this is going to get out of hand altogether. We always seem to be closing the door after the horse has bolted.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Road safety campaigner Amjad Malik, whose 15-year-old son Saliq died in a car crash in 2014, said: “These videos highlight what happens after 8pm every evening. The police know these things happen around Leeds Road but don’t do enough to stop them.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mr Hussain feels more funding is needed and heavier punishments need to be dished out.

He added: “It is extremely frustrating that funding for West Yorkshire Police to crack down on dangerous driving has been hollowed out by the Government over the last decade, and that dangerous driving still carries a far too weak punishment. Ministers must listen to public’s demand for stronger sentences.”