BRADFORD still has the lowest uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine across West Yorkshire, the latest figures from the NHS reveal.

In the district, 87.8 per cent of over 50s have had their first dose of the jab so far, with 65.6 per cent having been fully vaccinated with both doses by May 23.

This is the lowest figure in the county, with all other areas – along with Craven – having more than 90 per cent of their over 50s vaccinated, and at least 68 per cent fully protected.

In West Yorkshire, Wakefield has the most over 50s vaccinated with 92.6 per cent, while Kirklees has the most fully protected with 72.6 per cent.

The over 50s are the people most at risk of death or serious illness and hospitalisation from Covid-19.

For the total population Bradford also trails behind with 57.7 per cent having had their first dose – but the district’s young population goes some way to explain why this figure is lower than other areas, and it’s hoped that now people in their 30s are eligible this number will rise as almost 200,000 people in the district are aged under 40.

Calderdale and Wakefield both have more than two thirds of their population vaccinated, while in Craven 78.2 per cent of the population are vaccinated, and more than half have had both doses.

For second doses Bradford trails behind again on 34.9 per cent, with Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield all leading the way with more than 41 per cent.

Bradford also trails behind with people in their 40s, who were able to get the jab from the start of the month, with 65.7 per cent vaccinated, almost six per cent behind the nearest area, while in Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield more than three-quarters are vaccinated.

The figures for over 50s getting their first dose and second dose of the vaccine in West Yorkshire and Craven are: Bradford – 87.8% first dose (65.6% second dose); Calderdale – 91.2% (68%); Craven – 94.6% (72.5%); Kirklees 91.1% (72.6%); Leeds – 90% (69.7%); Wakefield – 92.6% (69.7%).

For total population, the figures are: Bradford – 57.7% (34.9%); Calderdale – 67.2% (41.4%); Craven – 78.2% (50.4%); Kirklees – 63.9% (41.5%); Leeds – 57.7% (36.2%); Wakefield – 67.4% (41.5%).

For first doses for people in their 40s, the figures are: Bradford – 65.7%, Calderdale – 75.9%, Craven – 84%, Kirklees – 75.1%, Leeds – 71.3%, Wakefield – 77.6%.

The figures are compiled using vaccine numbers and population estimates collated National Immunisation Management Service which is in charge of keeping record of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination programme.