A 25-YEAR-OLD entrepreneur from Heaton has spoken of his business' success so far, while also looking ahead to what he says will be an "exciting future".

Omar Bahadur is the founder and CEO of Faraday Drinks, a company which puts a spin on the 'traditional' energy drink, boasting eco-friendly packaging and less sugar.

Omar, who graduated in mechanical engineering from the University of Bradford in 2018, says that Faraday has now sold out its first version - after successfully selling 2,000 bottles since July 2020 - but is already "pushing the bar even higher", with a new flavour set to hit the market in September.

Its new raspberry and cherry-flavoured energy drink, which has zero sugar, is marketed as a healthier alternative to the more mainstream options.

Omar describes it as a "real game changer", adding that the can is made of aluminium - making it "far better for the environment than plastic is".

He has also been mentored by both the marketing director and the former CEO of Carlsberg UK, and says he is "very confident of what lies ahead".

"When I've had energy drinks, most of them aren't resealable and they're unhealthy. The ones that are healthy compromise on taste, so I saw a gap in the market there", Omar said.

"After graduating, I worked multiple jobs, eventually launching the first version of Faraday last year. We sold 2,000 bottles - in cases of 12 - some on our website, and some in independent stores in Bradford and Leeds. We also sold some at a BP petrol station down south, after a lecturer at the University of Bradford put me in touch with a relative of his. We then sold cases of four on Amazon, selling out in just one month after that, which was great.

"We spoke to customers and got feedback, ahead of launching the next version - which will be far superior. The first version had 60 per cent less sugar than the average energy drink, but this one has zero sugar, and uses a natural sweetener. It's also served in a resealable can, which is really cool and innovative.

"Faraday is marketed towards health and environmentally-conscious people and our brand stands for natural, sustainable and inspiring."

Omar also said he has lived through an "underdog story", coming from humble beginnings.

"I am a bit of an underdog here, we've carved our own path", he said.

"We bootstrapped this business, meaning we had a harder time than someone who has had big investment. It's a story of honesty and integrity.

"Now I have these mentors who believe in me and my ideas, which is something I'm proud of.

"I've been educated - from nursery to university - in the city of Bradford, which is another thing I'm very proud of. We want to help put Bradford on the map with this venture."