A BRADFORD gallery has brought its latest exhibition to the streets of Bradford – framing a number of images with one of the city’s most impressive buildings.

Last week Impressions Gallery in City Park finally opened its Being Inbetween exhibition – which has been delayed multiple times due to the Covid pandemic.

And yesterday the gallery launched Open Out – a year long project that will see images from the photographic gallery displayed throughout the city centre.

The first installation saw photos from Being Inbetween placed in the windows of the the Grade II* listed former Natwest Bank on Hustlergate.

Being Inbetween is a series of images by Shipley based award-winning photographer Carolyn Mendelsohn. Taken over a period of six years, they show girls aged between 10 and 12 – the period between childhood and young adulthood.

For the next three months, three metre high images of eight girls from the Bradford District, taken as part of the exhibition, will be on display at the busy city centre site.

Being Inbetween exhibition of portraits for our times

The grand building – opposite the Wool Exchange has been vacant since the bank consolidated its two city centre branches into a unit next to The Broadway.

Open Out has been supported by the Art Fund – set up to support the arts through the Pandemic.

Passers by can scan a QR code on the windows which proves them with more information about the exhibition.

Anne McNeill, Director of Impressions, said: “The exhibition was meant to open as our Summer show a year ago, but got cancelled due to the first lockdown. It was then meant to be our Autumn show, but then there was the second lockdown. It then was meant to open in January, but there was another lockdown.

“We know some people might still be nervous about going into gallery space, so we thought ‘why don’t we bring the gallery out into the streets where everyone can see it?'”

Some of the girls who were photographed for the exhibition attended yesterday’s launch. Amaira Satti (15) was photographed when she was 12.

Asked what it was like seeing her photograph on the side of a city centre building, she said: “I think it is a really unique experience. I’ve been telling my friends to come down and look. It is great to be part of something like this.”

Alice Ashley said: “Being part of Being Inbetween has been fun,exciting and I Never thought that it would have been so big. When I was eleven and had my photo taken I didn’t really understand what it was and then three years later I was shocked because now I Have been in the newspaper,magazines and the news.”

Carolyn Mendelsohn said; “It is such a privilege to have this work exhibited on Impressions and the streets of Bradford. The girls we selected for Open Out are all Bradford girls and I’m very proud for them.

“It is so surprising to see them on this scale. It is such a great use of the building, I'd love to see this across Bradford.”

The exhibition in Impressions also features audio of the girls talking about their lives, and films about the project.

The Exhibition at Impressions runs until July 24, and the images will be on the Hustlergate building for three months.