THIS is how the number of cases and infection rate in Bradford compares to the areas worst hit by the Indian variant of Covid-19.

It comes as calls for clarity are made as residents in the eight areas have been advised to only meet outdoors, social distance at all times and avoid leaving their area unless absolutely necessary.

The eight areas of concern have seen rises in positive cases of Covid-19 due to the spread of the highly transmissible Indian variant of Covid-19.

People are being asked to keep two metres apart from people outside their bubble, meet outside only, avoid leaving their area unless essential, and also get tested twice weekly for free, continue working from home, and get the Covid vaccine once offered it.

Kirklees, Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley, Leicester, North Tyneside, Bedford and Hounslow are all on the list for new Covid advice due to the variant, but how do the figures in these areas compare to Bradford?

Last week, Bradford Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe and public health director Sarah Muckle asked people to be vigilant and to get the vaccine in the district so "we don't end up like Bolton or Blackburn", ravaged by the Indian variant.

Bradford currently has an infection rate of 48.4 infections per 100,000 people and 261 new cases recorded in the week to May 19, the latest reliable figures, up 19 per cent from a week earlier.

While case numbers remain low across the district, areas that have seen a spike in cases are Toller Lane & Infirmary (up 700 per cent to 16) and Girlington (up 450 per cent to 11).

In Bolton, the worst hit area, there have been1,236 new cases recorded, up 57 per cent from the week before and 1,100 higher than a month ago. The infection rate is currently 429.8, by far and away the highest in the coutnry.

In Blackburn the infection rate is 253.8, with cases up 122 per cent to 380.

Our neighbours in Kirklees have seen cases rise 46 per cent to 419 with a rate of 95.3. This is being driven by Savile Town and Thornhill Lees in Dewsbury which has seen 64 new cases, up 392 per cent and with a rate of 581.6.

Heckmondwike Town, Norristhorpe & Roberttown has also seen a sharp rise in cases, up 238 per cent to 27 cases, with a rate of 330.8.

In Burnley cases are up 48 per cent, in North Tyneside they are up 70 per cent, in Leicester cases are up 22 per cent, Bedford cases are up 39 per cent (with a rate of 167.3), while in Hounslow cases have actually fallen by 12 per cent, but all areas have a higher infection rate than Bradford currently.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come in for heavy criticism for not adding India to the travel red list earlier when the Covid-19 situation in the country because extremely dire, allowing thousands of people to travel to the UK potentially carrying the new variant, while the government has defended its actions saying it acted as quickly as possible.