THREE people were left reeling after their lockers were broken into and their property was stolen at a Bradford gym.

Dozens of banks cards were taken from wallets and a purse with hundreds of pounds in total spent on them in the thefts which occurred at PureGym Bradford Idle, situated in the Enterprise 5 Retail Park.

The trio of incidents are understood to have taken place between 5pm and 7pm last Tuesday (May 18).

Police confirmed they are all ongoing investigations and PureGym issued the following statement. A spokesperson from the nationwide company said: "PureGym was alerted by a member to a locker theft on Tuesday May 18 at Bradford Idle gym which has now been reported to the police.

"PureGym will assist the police investigation in anyway way we can, including providing our CCTV footage."

Matt Yeadon had his wallet taken out of his locker after the perpetrator is deemed to have twisted the small lock.

Matt said: "It is a pretty poor do if you can’t go workout without getting your locker broken into.

"All my cards were cancelled. I have got a six-month-old daughter and my wife. We have got money, but we could not access it for days.

"It is just something you don’t expect. I would not have even known if I had not gone to Poundland after the gym.

"I tried to get a few things on Apple Pay then it declined. I got a phone call from Halifax's Fraud Prevention asking if I recognised any of these transactions and I obviously didn’t.

"I logged into my online banking and I saw they had spent about £160 on scratch cards and cigarettes."

Another victim, Daniel Ward claims he and others have cancelled their memberships at the gym after a number of his cards were taken unlawfully.

Upon finishing a session, Daniel noticed a card was missing from his wallet, but his bag had been left zipped up and his coat and towel was still atop of it, so he thought the card had just fallen out of his wallet into the bag.

After a quick shower, he realised several cards were lost which made alarm bells ring.

Daniel said: "My locker was completely locked under a padlock; it looks like they have jimmied it.

"I checked my apps and noticed one of my cards had been used in a local shop. I don’t shop there, so I knew someone had nicked my cards, I froze them immediately. I had about five stolen, debit and credit cards.

"On one card, they spent £28.On another, they bought two scratch cards and a packet of Lambert & Butler cigarettes. They were clever to know only to spend £30/45 on each card because of the contactless."

The final victim Elizabeth Banks admits she should have placed a padlock on her locker but still didn't expect her bank cards to be under threat.

She added: "When I got home, I looked, and they had spent £90 at Enterprise 5. They spent £40 at Peacocks, they were in and out of Morrisons then Poundland.

"I should have locked it up, but you don't think somebody will go into your bag at the gym. I wouldn’t take my bank card in there again."