A BRADFORD councillor has called for youths committing crime and nuisance behaviour to be punished more severely after residents were left fuming when a ‘drugs den’ appeared near school grounds.

The area in question is the councilowned field next to St John’s C E Primary School on Dawson Lane in Bierley.

It is understood teenagers between 16 and 18 regularly gather to drink, set fires and ride their quads and motorbikes on the patch of land.

A resident told the T&A that a ramshackle shelter created from fly-tipped materials had become a ‘drugs den’ and a source of serious concern for residents.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The 'drugs den' discovered on a field in BierleyThe 'drugs den' discovered on a field in Bierley

Tong ward Cllr Alan Wainwright said: “Teenagers hanging about, yes there has been issues in Bierley and Holme Wood and the police are dealing with it.

“A number of families are in for a big ruddy shock because it is the parents and guardians who allow these little runts out at night to cause all sorts of mayhem, not only hanging about the area but lobbing bricks and stones at vehicles too.

“They need prosecuting for it. They need dragging to court and made an example of.

“I am sincerely hoping that the Crown Prosecution Service back up Bradford Police in taking these kids to court. If possible, the parents too for allowing them out to do things like that.

“The police are working very hard on these issues, not only in the Tong ward, but across Bradford.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The area was filled with fly tippingThe area was filled with fly tipping

Pictures show materials sourced from fly-tipping have been used to form a makeshift den surrounded by mounds of waste. Bradford Council is now in the process of getting rid of all this.

But it is the field in general that is being accessed through a gap in the fencing down by Fawcett Place, that is proving to be the issue for many residents.

One said: “We have had kids in dens, and caravans on that field. It is just an eyesore and almost turning into a scrapyard.

“They are just causing trouble and making a racket. They are also chasing horses around the field, upsetting them.

“On the field, they are causing fires. Me and my neighbour had to call out the fire brigade a long while ago.

“People might say. ‘well at least they are on there, not the road,’ but it is a complete annoyance. It is just a nightmare.

“As soon as the nice weather comes in the next few weeks, they are going to be out on their bikes revving them up and the land is going to dry out causing plenty of dust to the nearby houses. You can’t have your windows open.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Plenty of waste was also on the fieldPlenty of waste was also on the field

One nearby resident and parent of a child at the school added: “It is just getting worse. There is constant fly-tipping, fires and there is even a caravan on there now facing the school.

“I have got children who go to that school and you don’t know who is hanging around there.”

St John’s and Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust, of which it is part, declined to comment on the situation.

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “Neighbourhood Wardens have now visited the site. They were unable to identify where the waste came from and arrangements have been made to remove the waste.

“Fly-tipping is a national problem impacting all local authorities which has been increasing for many years.

“If incidents of fly-tipping are reported to Bradford Council they will be dealt with expeditiously and appropriately.

“We will investigate all incidents of fly-tipping to try to identify the criminals responsible for dumping it.

“Bradford Council employs a range of measures to tackle illegal fly-tipping, including CCTV cameras to catch the culprits and seizing vehicles known to be involved.

“We have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to, or prosecute through Magistrates’ and Crown courts fly-tippers and householders who allow their goods to be fly-tipped by rogue traders.

“If rubbish is dumped on Bradford Council land, we will clear it up as soon as we can. Bradford Council is not responsible for removing rubbish from private land, but we will advise the landowner how to get rid of it and suggest ways to prevent a repeat.

“We also have the power to compel the landowner to remove fly-tipped rubbish.

“If you see fly-tipping taking place, please note down as many details as possible, including vehicle licence plate numbers and inform the Council.”