A MAN has undergone a potentially life and sight-saving operation after an optometrist at Specsavers Bradford Broadway helped identify signs of a serious condition.

Alan Sutcliffe, 56, visited Specsavers Bradford Broadway in September when he experienced floaters in his left eye and noticed his eyesight had deteriorated.

The branch’s optometrist Saqib Mohammed, carried out a fulleye examination which identified abnormalities, as part the investigations he did an OCT scan, which enables him to see the eye in minute detail, and immediately referred Alan to eye specialists at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) due to results of the scan.

Mr Sutcliffe, of Leeds, underwent a series of tests at the hospital, including a CT scan, which confirmed he had a large meningioma tumour on his brain and had surgery just one month after he contacted Specsavers for an appointment.

A meningioma is a tumour that forms on membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord just inside the skull. Specifically, the tumour forms on the three layers of membranes that are called meninges. These tumours are often slow-growing. As many as 90 per cent are benign (not cancerous).

After a day of testing and being sent to have surgery just weeks after being diagnosed, Mr Sutcliffe had the tumor removed, which saved his sight and life.

He said: “I personally can’t thank Saqib at Specsavers enough. I visited Specsavers Bradford Broadway in September when I noticed my eyesight was getting worse. Saqib immediately referred me to hospital.

“I felt numb and in shock when I was told I had a brain tumor, but also very grateful it was spotted.

“The doctors and surgeons were great, I was in surgery for six hours, but it was worth it knowing it was life and sight-saving.

“I am back at work and recovering well after having some intensive support to regain my independence, and I will also have regular check-ups at the hospital.

“Had I not made the trip to see Saqib at Specsavers and the resulting investigations at the LGI, the consequences could have certainly been life changing at best or threatening at worst.

“Doctors at the LGI informed me that had my condition gone unchecked it could have possibly escalated to the point where my sight could have been lost.

“I would certainly recommend, without hesitation, that anyone who feels that they are experiencing anything out of the ordinary with their eyes should go and get them tested immediately.

“My usual store is Specsavers Kirkstall, but as they were fully booked at the time, I decided to go to Bradford Broadway close to where I work, and I’m very grateful I did.”

Saqib said: “We’re really pleased to hear that treatment has gone well for Mr Sutcliffe and the outcome has been extremely positive. The subsequent surgery was certainly sight-saving.

“It goes to show just how important it is to have regular eye examinations and more so an OCT scan.

“We recommend having your eyes tested at least every two years unless you have concerns about your sight, in which case it is advisable to book an appointment even sooner.”

Specsavers offers a range of technology to spot eye conditions and other underlying problems, which can help detect other treatable eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration sooner.

The scan, which only takes a few seconds, allows an optician to look deeper into the eyes than ever before and it can help to detect glaucoma up to four years in advance.

Given that nearly half of all sight loss is preventable, conditions can be managed before they get worse and can help prevent potential sight loss if caught early.

To book an appointment, go to specsavers.co.uk/stores/bradford or call 01274 730 052.