MORE than 86 per cent of all pensioners in Bradford are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, the latest figures show.

The data, from NHS England, shows 92.6 per cent of over 65s have had at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, and 86.4 per cent have had both doses.

Overall, 88.8 per cent of the over 50s have now had a Covid jab, with almost two thirds of that age group fully protected.

More than three in five people in their 40s are also now vaccinated having only had access to the jab for a matter of weeks.

Of Bradford’s total adult population 55.6 per cent have now had at least one jab, and 31 per cent have had both doses.

For the over 80s, the most at-risk age group, 89.2 per cent are now fully vaccinated; for septuagenarians the figure is 89.1 per cent, and those in their 60s it is 63.3 per cent as more in this age group get called for their second dose every day.

Across the district, Bradford West is now the only area which has fewer than 80 per cent of over 50s vaccinated with at least one dose; in Shipley the figure is 92.9 per cent, in Keighley it’s 90.9 per cent, in Bradford South the number is 88.7 per cent, in Bradford East it is 83.1 per cent, while in Bradford West the rate is 78.7 per cent.

In Shipley almost 70 per cent of the total population have now had a jab (69.7 per cent), while in Keighley the figure is 64.8 per cent, in Bradford South it’s 59.8 per cent, in Bradford East the number is 47.2 per cent, and in Bradford West it is 41.6 per cent.

For second doses, Shipley again leads the way with 68.6 per cent of over 50s jabbed, and 43.8 per cent of all adults. In Keighley it is 61.2 per cent of over 50s and 37.5 per cent total, in Bradford South for over 50s it is 58.7 per cent and 31.8 per cent of adults, and in Bradford East 55 per cent of over 50s and 25.4 per cent of adults have had both doses.

Bradford West again trails behind; it’s the only area where less than 50 per cent of over 50s have had both doses – 48 per cent – and just 20.1 per cent of all adults are fully vaccinated.