THIS week has seen pubs welcome customers back inside for the first time in months. And with rain showers turning May into a rather dreary, wet month, it’s just as well we can finally go indoors.

Here’s a look back at pubs in Bradford over the years.

The Unicorn Hotel on Ivegate, pictured above in 1958, survived for 200 years. Pub historian Dr Paul Jennings says: “It was put up for auction in 1779, described as having ‘four low rooms, three chambers, a ‘barr’, two cellars and a pantry.’

“The Unicorn played an important role in city life; it was used for Bradford Club meetings, property auctions and a committee room for striking miners. In the 1880s it was ‘the resort of prosperous tradesmen, clerks and betting men’. It was sold to Tetley’s in 1900.

"I only remember The Unicorn from the late 1970s as a rather old-fashioned city centre pub, with its long, smoky bar. By the end of the 80s it had closed, despite protests and petitions.”

Who remembers drinking in the Market Tavern? The pub, pictured here in 1979, was on Godwin Street. The venue became a Polish bar and restaurant called Balanga, and more recently Bentleys Live Lounge

The Smithy, on Southgate, below Bradford's Sunwin House store, is pictured in 1988. The pub was demolished, along with surrounding buildings. According to one regular, those found drinking in The Smithy were often a mix of Goths, Metal fans and older men playing cards in the corner.

Also pictured are Yates Wine Lodge on Ivegate in 1972 and the Ram's Revenge on Upper Millergate, pictured here in 1986. Previously known as The Spotted Ox, The Grosvenor, The Fetes & Firkin and Flares, it has more recently been a bookies.

Who remembers Tickles on Westgate? It was decorated in the style of an old music hall style - the original decor was restored and the doormen wore Victorian-style bowler hats when it opened in 1982, with a guest appearance by radio and TV presenter 'Diddy David Hamilton'.

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