NINE people were found in a Skoda Octavia which was stopped by North Yorkshire Police during its targeted road safety deployment this week.

The efforts are part of the UN Global Road Safety Week initiative.

A spokesman said: "It's been a busy 24 hours for North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group:

Here's a small selection of incidents we dealt with on North Yorkshire's roads yesterday (Monday):

Nine people found in a Skoda Octavia that was being driven erratically near Malton. Driver also uninsured, front tyre so badly worn that the metal cords were visible and two of the car doors wouldn't open. Vehicle seized. Driver reported for dangerous driving and having no insurance.

A motorcyclist fails to stop and makes off down a ginnel in Cross Hills.

Located and arrested for dangerous driving and failing to stop. Taken into custody.

More than 50 motorists using excessive speeds in villages around the county and using handheld mobile phones.

Traffic offence reports issued, including dozens in the villages surrounding Malton by our safety camera van staff.