LEEDS United have recorded the second highest number of fan arrests in English football over the last seven years, according to a study.

The Premier League club recorded 305 fan arrests from 2014 until the end of the 2019/20 season. Birmingham City were top with 330 arrests, Manchester United third with 271, Aston Villa fourth with 259 and Sunderland fifth with 227.

Bradford City did not come up in the worst behaved findings, but the club with the most fan arrests in League Two is Bolton Wanderers with 120 arrests over that same period from 2014.

The research, carried out by sports betting website OLBG.com, reveals the amount of fan arrests by analysing government data of arrests made inside and outside football grounds in the 24-hour period surrounding match days over the past six seasons at the top five divisions.

But the 2020/21 season was not included as fans could not attend all games.

Meanwhile, racism-related arrests saw a 150 per cent increase in the last full season fans could attend in 2019/20 with 35 arrests.

Fan arrests were the highest ever at the 2019/20 season - more than double (3,032 arrests)- growing 132 per cent from 2018/19 (1,307 arrests). There are a number of offences that fans have been arrested for at football matches, from pitch invasions and disorderly behaviour, to throwing missiles.