BRADFORD Council ranks fourth in the UK for the highest number of complaints about landlords and agencies in the past five years, a recent study shows.

Online Mortgage Advisor analysed the complaints received by UK councils to discover where grievances have been most common since 2015.

The data reveals that the Bradford received a total of 8,293 in the focussed period.

The complaints were broken into the following two categories.

C1 - Disrepair and repairs that cause a risk to health and safety not being done (1,470).

C2 - Other (6,817), which includes illegal eviction and related to evictions, harassment, and dishonest or unfair trading behaviour.

The highest number of complaints were recorded in 2019/20 (1,519, 82% were C1).

While the remaining years read:

2015/16 - 1377 (C1, 82%)

2016/17 - 1300 (C1, 83%)

2017/18 - 1380 (C1, 81%)

2018/19 - 1484 (C1, 83%)

2020/21 - 1233 (C1, 79%)

* Data was collected in March, so 2020/21 is an incomplete financial year.