A Neighbourhood Policing Team officer yesterday told a jury he had “many sexual preferences” but no interest in indecent images of children.

Jonathan Plummer, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) with West Yorkshire Police, is on trial charged with making and distributing indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornographic pictures.

He said it was “baffling and terrifying” that they were found on his phone.

Plummer, 35, was asked by his barrister Richard Canning: “Were you responsible for downloading any of these images found on your phone?”

Plummer replied: “No.”

“Have you any idea how they got there?”


“Have you any interest in indecent images of children?”


Plummer told Leeds Crown Court he gave the police the pin code to his phone after they had seized it because “he had nothing to hide.” He knew they couldn’t get into the phone without the code but believed there was nothing illegal on it.

The jury has heard that after his arrest on August 14, 2018, investigators found 339 still and 133 movies at Category A; 258 stills and 25 movies at Category B; and 1,256 still and 42 movies at Category C on his personal Samsung phone.

There was also a “snuff movie” showing a naked and bound woman being stabbed with a sword.

Plummer, who has no convictions, cautions or reprimands, told the court he may have used the name Vile Degrader “historically” as a link to BDSM but it was nothing to do with indecent images of children.

He had been a member of a BDSM website but it had to be safe and consensual, he said.

He labelled child sexual exploitation “an abhorrent crime.”

Plummer conceded that he lied to the police in interview, saying he had never heard of Vile Degrader. It was in “embarrassment and panic.” He was exhausted after his arrest and in emotional shock.

He said it was “baffling and terrifying” when the police found the indecent images on his phone. He knew he would be “a social pariah,” distanced from his colleagues.

Plummer said he researched indecent images investigations on the police’s niche computer system to improve his local knowledge when giving presentations to children, students and colleagues in his role as a Cyber Prevent Officer. He also wanted to know which Apps and services were being used to commit crimes involving the exploitation of children in the Wakefield district.

He said his bosses in the force were aware of his research and never told him it was in-appropriate.

He had hoped to work in police online child protection but his applications were unsuccessful.

Plummer denies seven offences, including one allegation of distributing an indecent im-age of a child at Category A; three charges of making an indecent photo of a child; one offence of possession of prohibited images of a child (cartoons); and two charges of possession of an extreme pornographic image.

The trial continues.