ALMOST 250,000 people in the Bradford district have now received their Covid-19 vaccine, the latest NHS figures show.

The data shows that by May 9, 248,997 people had received at least their first jab, 53.6 per cent of the district’s adult population, and of those 128,755 have also had their second dose and are fully protected.

In the over 50s population, 87.2 per cent of people have now had their jab, and 53.6 per cent have full protection. Of the over 80s who’ve had the jab - the most vulnerable age group - 95 per cent have now had both jabs.

Since they were called on to get the jab in mid-April, 57.8 per cent of people in their 40s have got their first jab in Bradford, with 16 per cent having full protection.

However, Bradford continues to trail behind the national average on vaccinations, and also has the lowest uptake rates in West Yorkshire.

In the over 50s category, Bradford has the lowest take up of the vaccine in West Yorkshire, and the second lowest percentage of over 50s who’ve had their second dose.

For total population only Leeds has a lower first dose percentage (by just 0.5 per cent and with a population almost 300,000 higher) and Bradford has the lowest second dose figure.

The district also trails behind for the over 40s, three per cent behind the next lowest number in Leeds; while for second doses only Wakefield’s is lower - by 0.1 per cent.

Nationally, 35.7 million people have had their first dose, with 18.4 million having had their second dose; 67 per cent of the population have now had their first jab, and 35 per cent have full protection.

Around the district, Shipley constituency continues to lead the way in all age groups on vaccinations; 92.8 per cent of the over 50s have had their first jab, with 62.8 per cent fully protected.

It’s followed by Keighley and Bradford South, while Bradford East and West continue to trail behind in the rollout with take up rates well below the national average.

The vaccination rates for each part of the district are:

First dose

Bradford East: over 50s - 82.8%, total - 45.7%

Bradford South: over 50s - 88.4%, total - 57%

Bradford West: over 50s - 78.3%, total - 39.8%

Keighley: over 50s - 90.7%, total - 62.9%

Shipley: over 50s - 92.8%, total - 67.4%

Second dose

Bradford East: over 50s - 49.3%, total - 22.5%

Bradford South: over 50s - 52.9%, total - 28.2%

Bradford West: over 50s - 43.8%, total - 18%

Keighley: over 50s - 55.9%, total - 34.1%

Shipley: over 50s - 62.8%, total - 39.2%