JUST 17 out of more than 16,000 incidents of fly-tipping in the Bradford district in a year resulted in fixed penalty fines, a study has found.

A total of 16,128 incidents of people dumping items in the district were recorded in the 2019-20 financial year, but only 17 of them saw fixed penalty notices (FPN) were handed out, a total of 0.11 per cent of cases.

Meanwhile, Bradford Council issued 2,198 warning letters to people over fly-tipping during this same 12-month period, as 13.63 per cent of incidents resulted in warning letters.

These statistics ranked Bradford as the 13th worst area in England for fly-tipping during this period.

The research was carried out by OnlineMortgageAdvisor.co.uk which sourced the Government official fly-tipping incidents and actions 2019-20 data and focused on the percentage of incidents resulting in FPNs specifically for fly-tipping for local authorities across the country.

Bradford Council says fly-tipping is a national problem which has been increasing for many years and it will investigate all incidents reported by resident

But Councillor Rebecca Poulsen (Con, Worth Valley), leader of the Conservative Group in Bradford, says Bradford Council needs to 'up its game' on fly-tipping.

She said: "More than 16,000 incidents is a huge amount and 17 fines is a pretty unacceptable level.

It is a blight on the landscape. Once fly-tipping starts in an area, people do it more and more

"It's got to be a priority for then council. It is really, really disappointing to see just 17 fines in a year. There has got to be an increased focus on it."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: An example of fly-tipping in Woodhead Road in BD7 in 2019An example of fly-tipping in Woodhead Road in BD7 in 2019

A council spokesman said: “If incidents of fly-tipping are reported to us they will be dealt with expeditiously and appropriately.

We will investigate all incidents of fly-tipping to try to identify the criminals responsible for dumping it

"Bradford Council employs a range of measures to tackle illegal fly-tipping, including CCTV cameras to catch the culprits and seizing vehicles known to be involved.

“We have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to, or prosecute through Magistrates’ and Crown Courts fly-tippers and householders who allow their goods to be fly-tipped by rogue traders.

“If rubbish is dumped on Bradford Council land we will clear it up as soon as we can. Bradford Council is not responsible for removing rubbish from private land but we will advise the landowner how to get rid of it and suggest ways to prevent a repeat.

“We also have the power to compel the landowner to remove fly-tipped rubbish.

“If you see fly-tipping taking place, please note down as many details as possible, including vehicle licence plate numbers and inform the Council.”

Fly-tipping can be reported be calling the Council on 01274 431000 or go to bradford.gov.uk

The worst area in England for fly-tipping is Camden in London with 34,465 reported incidents in 2019/20 alone. Out of those incidents, only 93 resulted in FPNs issued.

In second is Brent in London with 34,197 total incidents reported in 2019/20 and in third is Leeds in Yorkshire and The Humber with 26,079 reported incidents.

Meanwhile, the research also found the local authority doing the most to tackle fly-tipping in their area is Islington in London, with 1,268 FPNs issued out of the reported 1,764 fly-tipping incidents (71.88 per cent).

In second is Barnet, London, with 54.65 per cent of reported incidents resulting in FPN. Barnet saw 3,420 reported fly-tipping incidents in 2019/20, of which 1,869 resulted in FPNs.

Placing third is Cambridge, situated in the East of England, with 32.95 per cent of reported incidents resulting in FPNs. Cambridge had 490 FPNs issued out of the 1,487 reported.

Out of the total of 975,631 reported incidents of fly-tipping in England, during the 2019-20 financial year, 13,416 resulted in a fixed penalty notice. That’s just 1.38 per cent.