SIR - Very interesting that in a local referendum the people of Sheffield voted overwhelmingly to replace the Council's present Cabinet system with a model where decisions are taken by committees.

These committees will be made up of councillors of all parties, with the number of seats proportionate to the political make-up of the Council. The current system there has been described by campaigners as undemocratic.

Indeed, a Labour councillor in Leeds has now called for a similar change in that city, stating that their current system was a form of "institutionalised bullying."

This begs the same question about Bradford. Here we have a Council Executive which seems to be a small cabal who make all the decisions.

Perhaps it is time for Bradford Council to adopt a similar Committee structure instead of an overpowering Executive - or will they be afraid of losing all their powers even though democracy should be the overriding factor?

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon