SIR - Labour's electoral decline since the 2017 general election is interesting. Corbyn's first election was a relative success with Theresa May staying in at great cost.

In 2019 again under Corbyn and now with a move back to a more Blairite leader in Keir Starmer at these local elections, Labour has seen a disastrous fall in support. So what's happened since 2017?

Well the answer is an awful lot but one aspect was summed up perfectly by the resigning shadow defence secretary Khalid Mahmood MP. He said the Labour Party have allied themselves to the woke warriors on the internet and are not interested enough in people's real everyday concerns, including jobs and jabs. He said they are more interested in pulling down statues.

Another development since 2017 was the #MeToo explosion that autumn. I'll never forget Yvette Cooper's astonishing rant in the Commons following the news about that men's club.

Without any good reason Labour have assumed the moral high ground on many issues while being guilty of hypocrisy and encouraging anti-UK sentiment, which has alienated large sections of the UK voting population.

Alan Bates, Bowland Aveune, Baildon