LABOUR remain in power on Bradford Council, retaining the majority it needed to run the District during one of the most significant periods of its history.

Like all areas of the country, Bradford faces a period where it will need to recover from the devastating impacts of Covid-19.

It will do so with the Labour Party at the helm, after the party held onto enough seats to buck trends seen nationally of a collapse in support in some areas.

With the election count complete the party has 51 seats on the 90 seat Council. It needed 46 to secure a majority.

After the 2019 local elections Labour had 52 seats.

Locally the Conservatives repeated some of the successes the party has seen nationally, gaining a number of seats. They now have 25 members on the Council, up from the 22 they had after the last election.

Liberal Democrats have seven seats, performing well in areas where they already have Councillors, and the Green Party have three, after taking a seat in Tong, and area that has normally voted Conservative.

Although lockdown restrictions are gradually easing, the impact of Covid was apparent even in the election count.

The Bradford count was held in Sedbergh Leisure Centre, but many attending the count were asked to park in the car park of the Richard Dunn Centre - a building that has been used as a standby morgue for much of the past year.

People had to show a negative Covid test to enter Sedbergh, and press had to remain in the building's reception - with numbers on the count floor restricted.

Restrictions meant the Keighley count had to be held in two venues - the town's leisure centre and neighbouring Victoria Hall.

Announcements were streamed online for those not allowed onto the count floor.

And the group hugs that normally accompany a candidate's victory had been replaced by elbow bumps.

Turnout for the election had been just 37 per cent, and as low as 26.62 per cent in one ward (Tong).

Returning Officer Kersten England said a mix of "lousy" weather on Thursday and hesitancy to visit polling stations while still in a pandemic were likely reasons for this turnout - pointing out it was similar to other areas of West Yorkshire.

She praised election staff for the work they had done to make the whole election, from the polling stations to the count, Covid secure. Indeed, the count at Sedbergh was likely the largest legal indoor event held in Bradford since the start of the pandemic.

Despite the results hinting that the status quo had been maintained, there were still some shocks.

The Council's decision making Executive will need a makeover after Councillor Adrian Farley, the portfolio holder for children and families, lost his Keighley West seat by just six votes.

Conservative candidate Julie Glentworth beat Councillor and Executive member Adrian Farley by 1,556 votes to 1,550.

Former Conservative leader John Pennington lost his seat in Bingley, a Conservative stronghold, to Labour candidate Marcus Peter Dearden.

Former Bradford East MP David Ward, a Liberal Democrat and Independent, lost his Bolton and Undercliffe seat to Labour candidate Si Cunningham, chair of Bradford Civic Society.

And long standing Independent candidate Adrian Naylor lost his Craven seat to the Conservative candidate Peter William Clarke.

The Greens gained a seat from Labour in Tong, with Matt Edwards gaining the most votes in the ward.

Conservatives also made gains in Keighley Central - winning one of two available seats, Wyke, unseating Labour Councillor Rosie Watson, and Queensbury - taking the seat left left by retiring independent Councillor Lynda Cromie.

But despite the gains, and strong showings in some Labour held seats where results were much closer than previous years, Labour's grip on many of the wards meant their majority was not dented enough to cause crisis talks.

Despite the loss of Cllr Farley two other Executive members who faced re-election this year, Councillor Abdul Jabar (Neighbourhoods and Community safety) in Great Horton and Councillor Alex Ross Shaw (Regeneration, Planning and Transport) in Windhill and Wrose, retained their seats.

In Keighley Central two seats were up for grabs due to the death of Councillor and former Mayor Abid Hussain in December. Cllr Hussain's son, Mohsin Hussain, will take on the seat left vacant by his father after gaining the most votes in the ward.

As well as the Council elections, Bradford residents also cast their votes for a the first West Yorkshire Mayor on Thursday.

The result of that election is due to be announced tomorrow.

Vote breakdown


Debbie Davies Conservative 3320 (62%)

Peter Joseph Ashton Labour 1500 (28%)

Carl Andrew Dunk Green Party 425 (8%)

Nicholas Andrew Errington Liberal Democrats 148 (3%)


Marcus Peter Dearden Labour 3388 (48%)

John Allan Pennington Conservative 3103 (44%)

Rachael Katharine Drucquer Green Party 460 (7%)

Nicholas James Vaughan Allon Liberal Democrats 123 (2%)

BINGLEY RURAL (two seats)

Sally Jane Birch Conservative 3427 (33%)

Naveed Riaz Conservative 2417 (24%)

Brandon Alec Henderson Labour 1268 (12%)

Abdul Wahid Malik Labour 1047 (10%)

Brian Newham Green Party 563 (5%)

Hawarun Nessa Hussain Green Party 421 (4%)

Helen Baranowski Liberal Democrats 417 (4%)

Kay Kirkham Liberal Democrats 393 (4%)

Robert Douglas Beckwith Independent 300 (3%)


Simon Mark Cunningham Labour 1692 (45%)

David Ward Independent 1299 (34%)

Jo Reynard Conservative 598 (16%)

Grace Fitzgibbon Fetherston Green Party 165 (4%)

Tom Ernest Gibson Trade Unionist 29 (1%)


Hassan Uzzaman Khan Labour 2031 (44%)

Mohammed Jamil Conservative 1968 (43%)

James Hunt Liberal Democrats 392 (9%)

Basit Aziz Khalid Green Party 207 (5%)


Riaz Ahmed Liberal Democrats 2023 (44%)

Cath Bacon Labour 1844 (40%)

Sakhawat Hussain Conservative 668 (14%)

Tessa Dunning Green Party 103 (2%)


Aneela Ahmed Labour 2544 (64%)

Tahir Zeb Independent 841 (21%)

Owais Rajput Conservative 309 (8%)

Charlotte Mary Merope Woollard Green Party 293 (7%)


Margaret Alipoor Labour 2069 (56%)

John Antony Robertshaw Conservative 1198 (32%)

Susan May Green Party 301 (8%)

Steven Michael Cotterill Liberal Democrats 125 (3%)


Peter William Clarke Conservative 2010 (32%)

Caroline Whitaker Green Party 1691 (27%)

Val Carroll Labour 1106 (18%)

Adrian Paul Naylor Independent 956 (15%)

Peter John Kaye The Yorkshire Party 430 (7%)

Paul Michael Mann Liberal Democrats 88 (1%)


Brendan Robert Stubbs Liberal Democrats 1251 (36%)

Christopher James Hayden Labour 1195 (34%)

Zubby Hussain Conservative 499 (14%)

Jonathan Daniel Stewart Barras The Yorkshire Party 357 (10%)

Caroline Duvier Green Party 182 (5%)


Abdul Jabar Labour 2833 (69%)

Amjed Hussain Conservative 688 (17%)

Lesley Margaret Hall Green Party 321 (8%)

Sarah Marie Moses Liberal Democrats 243 (6%)


Ibrar Hussain Labour 3038 (73%)

Shirley Rayner Conservative 527 (13%)

Celia Ruth Hickson Green Party 493 (12%)

Peter James McCarthy Liberal Democrats 117 (3%)


Alun Owen Griffiths Liberal Democrats 2315 (50%)

Geoffrey Michael Whiteley Conservative 1056 (23%)

Andrea Jean Stephenson Labour 956 (21%)

Tess Lawrence Green Party 333 (7%)


Anne Gillian Hawkesworth Independent 2084 (29%)

David Nunns Conservative 1933 (27%)

Ros Brown Green Party 1827 (26%)

George Scaife Labour 1053 (15%)

Steve Spoerry Liberal Democrats 168 (2%)


Mohsin Hussain Labour 3412 (29%)

Mohammed Nazam Conservative 2400 (20%)

Javaid Akhtar Independent 2143 (18%)

Christine Ann Chapman Labour 2096 (18%)

Clare Alison Abberton Conservative 1063 (9%)

James Jonathan Whitaker Green Party 261 (2%)

Alyson Claire Telfer Green Party 198 (2%)

Pauline Heather Allon Liberal Democrats 111 (1%)

Thomas Robert Franks Liberal Democrats 82 (1%)


Malcolm Slater Labour 2355 (48%)

Stuart Fraser Currie Conservative 1963 (40%)

Swami Anahata Green Party 230 (5%)

Bob Buxton The Yorkshire Party 230 (5%)

Bob Jones Liberal Democrats 85 (2%)

Jake Anthony Shoulder Trade Unionist 28 (1%)

Alexander Richard Vann Social Democratic Party 9 (0%)


Julie Ann Glentworth Conservative 1556 (40%)

Adrian Stuart Farley Labour 1550 (40%)

Dom Bower The Yorkshire Party 184 (5%)

Jane Lee Independent 160 (4%)

Brian Richard Ford Green Party 119 (3%)

Ian Bannister United Kingdom Independence Party 102 (3%)

Caroline Rosemary Jones Liberal Democrats 66 (2%)

Leo Alexander Robinson The For Britain Movement 55 (1%)

Alexander Taylor Social Democratic Party 50 (1%)


Talat Sajawal Independent 2798 (55%)

Omar Hussain Labour 1906 (38%)

Emmanuel Ludovick Ekoumba Bayap Conservative 209 (4%)

Nurjahan Ali Arobi Green Party 86 (2%)

Abid Iqbal Liberal Democrats 61 (1%)


Sarfraz Nazir Labour 2959 (78%)

Jafrul Kabir Gazi Liberal Democrats 466 (12%)

Bruce William Barnes Green Party 220 (6%)

Toseef Tariq Conservative 171 (4%)


Luke Majkowski Conservative 2217 (55%)

Alex Mitchell Labour 1208 (30%)

Eithne Mary Dodwell Green Party 430 (11%)

Richard Michael Hainsworth Reform UK 105 (3%)

Mary Whitrick Liberal Democrats 70 (2%)


Andrew Thornton Labour 1641 (49%)

Paul Turpin Conservative 1174 (35%)

Ian Sharp Green Party 191 (6%)

Colin Victor Duke Independent 177 (5%)

Shauna Ann Devonshire Liberal Democrats 138 (4%)


Martin John Love Green Party 3405 (60%)

Mohammed Aleem Parwaiz Bashir Labour 1261 (22%)

Christopher Howard Clough Conservative 704 (12%)

Darren James Longhorn The Yorkshire Party 191 (3%)

David John Wilkinson Liberal Democrats 107 (2%)


Beverley Winifred Mullaney Labour 2409 (56%)

Jac Giovanni Morton Conservative 1348 (31%)

Anthea Lynne Pickard Liberal Democrats 305 (7%)

Anna Georgina Watson Green Party 277 (6%)


Arshad Hussain Labour 3605 (87%)

Sean Dobiech Green Party 522 (13%)

TONG Matt Edwards Green Party 1586 (47%)

Tom Hughes Labour 1196 (35%)

Harry Boota Conservative 544 (16%)

Ruth Elaine Blackwell Freedom Alliance 69 (2%)

WHARFEDALE (2 seats)

Bob Felstead Conservative 2448 (26%)

Dale Smith Conservative 2148 (23%)

Christopher Eric Steele Labour 1109 (12%)

Jamie Luke Needle Liberal Democrats 1084 (12%)

Chris Turner Green Party 991 (11%)

Phillip Edward Shaw Labour 838 (9%)

Sophie Francine Vanicat Green Party 398 (4%)

Peter Shannon Russell Liberal Democrats 346 (4%)


David Michael Adam Green Labour 1728 (53%)

Nicholas John Peterken Conservative 1051 (32%)

Brian James Boulton Liberal Democrats 259 (8%)

David Edward Stevens Green Party 199 (6%)


Alex Ross-Shaw Labour 1695 (47%)

Jordan Simon Booth Conservative 1393 (39%)

Helen Love Green Party 300 (8%)

Gillian Thorne Liberal Democrats 209 (6%)


Russell Brown Conservative 2791 (60%)

Umar Farooq Ghafoor Labour 845 (18%)

Janet Ann Russell Green Party 498 (11%)

Paul Richard Wilson Liberal Democrats 318 (7%)

Joanna Saxton Kaye The Yorkshire Party 222 (5%)


Joan Clarke Conservative 1527 (44%)

Rosie Watson Labour 1349 (39%)

James Graham Lewthwaite British Democratic Party 213 (6%)

Darren James Parkinson Green Party 184 (5%)

Kevin Anthony Hall Liberal Democrats 120 (3%)

Ian Walker Reform UK 56 (2%)