BRADFORD can look forward to a mixture of sunshine and showers but temperatures will rise.

Here is a guide to this weekend’s weather in Bradford, starting with today, according to the Met Office.


Today will be a mixture cloudy, wet, with brief spells of sunshine, with temperatures set to reach a high of 10C between 3pm and 7pm.

There will be a short spell of heavy showers at 2pm.

Temperatures will only fall to 4C by 11pm tonight.


Tomorrow will be a complete washout, with rain all day.

The wet conditions will be heavy from 9am to 8pm tomorrow.

It will be a slightly milder day, though, with temperatures reaching a high of 13C between 7pm and 10pm, with overnight temperatures only dropping to 12C.


The weekend will close with a dry and cloudy day.

It will be a day of cloudy conditions again, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 17C in the afternoon.

No weather warnings are in place for Bradford this weekend, according to the Met Office.