A drug addict high on Spice who tried to rob a nurse in Bradford city centre has been jailed for three years and four months.

Aidan Kirkby had racked up 122 convictions for 273 offences when he targeted the lone woman on her way to work during the coronavirus pandemic, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Kirkby, 45, currently serving a 30 month prison sentence in HMP Moorlands for house-breaking, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery in Bridge Street on April 26 last year.

He further admitted breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order (CRIMBO) banning him from Bradford city centre.

Prosecutor Paul Canfield told the court the CRIMBO was imposed on June 20, 2017, for a period of three years.

The robbery attempt took place shortly after midday when the nurse was waiting in the city centre for a bus to work. She was window shopping and the streets were “eerily quiet” because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Kirkby approached her from behind and she felt a strong tug on the strap of her handbag that was worn across her body.

He demanded “Let go,” but she retaliated with: “Get off me, you b*****d.”

The strap snapped and Kirkby struck her on the leg and in the face before letting go of the bag and making off.

He was pursued and challenged by a cyclist and arrested later that day.

Mr Canfield said Kirkby’s DNA was on the bag and he had grazed knuckles.

The nurse said in her victim personal statement that she was terrified and had months of sleepless nights. She didn’t want to take time off work because she felt she would be let-ting down her colleagues who were working hard in the pandemic.

She had changed her route to work and would never go into Bradford city centre again.

Kirkby, who represented himself in court, said he was very sorry.

“I do regret what I did. I can’t believe I’ve done it. It’s not the real me,” he stated.

He had been drinking alcohol and had taken a lot of Spice when he committed the offences.

He was taking a Thinking Skills course in prison to help him realise the consequence of his actions.

Recorder Andrew Haslam QC said the nurse would have been stressed at work already because of the pandemic and this would have made it much worse.

Kirkby had targeted a lone, vulnerable woman in the city centre while he was under the influence of Spice and alcohol.

“She was terrified, Mr Kirkby. She suffered some long-lasting psychological effects,” Recorder Haslam said.

Because of what he had done, she wouldn’t come into Bradford city centre anymore or carry a handbag.