FASTING Friday is once again upon us as people of all faiths and backgrounds will not be eating or drinking for the majority of tomorrow to raise funds and awareness for a brilliant cause.

My Foster Family, in partnership with the Bradford Foundation Trust and the Bradford Council Children Services, have organised the fast which will last from 3:30am to 8:55pm on May 7.

This year's special cause is providing Eid gifts to care leavers and those who are 16-18 living independently or in supported living arrangements.

The appeal helps transform the festive time for young people who may not have anyone to buy them a gift.

Some of the young people are unaccompanied asylum-seeking children who arrived in the UK hoping for a better life, but often feel isolated and cut off from the community.

At the end of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid. For many young people who have experienced care, they may be living alone and not have anyone to enjoy the festivities with.

Shadim Hussain, CEO of My Foster Family and board member at Bradford Foundation Trust, said: "Last year, we had a really good uptake.

"This time it is the same theme and concept, but we have gone for a different focus in terms of the Eid gifts.

"I had a recent conversation with Bradford Children Services and care leavers often get overlooked. Once kids pass through care it can be quite difficult with them isolated from the community.

"It is part of the work I do with My Foster Family, we help raise awareness about the shortage of foster carers and adopters. That is usually when the struggle kicks in and there is a lot of challenges."

The virtual Iftar will begin at 8pm on Zoom (Meeting ID: 873 2764 6028) with a series of short talks followed by everyone breaking their just before 9pm.

If you would like to register, click here, and to donate click here.

Shadim has also been busy raising thousands for the Bradford Crisis Fund, which supports asylum seekers and refugees in the city, this Ramadan.

His £4,375, at time of writing, is part of the Bradford Foundation Trust's collective effort of over £20,000 for the fund.

Shadim and his daughter Aisha are doing their Ramadan challenge together.

He has been cycling 10km a day with the aim of doing 300km by May 12. While Aisha is on her way to running 100km in the same period.

"It is going really well, and I have had a good response to it," Shadim added.

"There are a few people who took part in the Ramadan challenge. People are doing different things.

"We wanted to combine the usually fundraising with encouraging people to do something for their health and wellbeing."