EDUCATION is so pivotal to a child’s upbringing. It teaches them all the essential skills needed in life.

From nursery right up until year 6 is where the foundations are built.

That of course has been disrupted in recent times, however, many have found ways round it.

The winner of this award has been so productive from home, not just focusing on herself but others too.

Wycliffe’s Emily Dunn narrowly came out on top over unlucky finalists Star Gavaza of Barkerend Primary, and Hawa Khan of Thornbury Primary.

It is fair to say that all three girls deserve huge credit for not letting the pandemic deter their work effort for learning either from home with the numerous distractions or in the small time they have been in the classroom.

Emily has participated brilliantly in various activities while being indoors and not at school.

She sings in a virtual choir, enjoys cooking and baking lovely food, socialises at Brownies and is even learning how to play the piano.

Emily has also been caring for her younger brother who has cerebral palsy.

Many of you may be asking how she manages to do it all but through determination and positivity Emily has shown to be an example to us all.

Her schoolwork has not taken a dip either, teachers are happy at the way she has adapted during the pandemic.

Emily was delighted to win the trophy and had this to say: “I enjoy coming to this school because I like to do PE and art with my friends.

“Having my brother at home has kept me positive in this last year. I can play with him a lot and keep myself entertained.

“Outside of school, I sing as part of a choir and do brownies. During lockdown, I stared to learn the piano.

“To stay positive and stay in touch with my family, I have been online baking with my nanna.”