THE FRIENDS of Bradford’s Becks are celebrating recent good news about improvements to Bradford’s Becks by organising some guilded walks.

The walks will enable people to see progress to date on the projects and will allow people to discuss plans for the future with FOBB volunteers.

Last month, Bradford Council agreed to proceed with the renaturalisation of a stretch of Bradford Beck between Poplar Road and Briggate in Shipley.

As well as removing the redundant culvert alongside Valley Road, the scheme will improve the ecological habitat, accessibility and visual aspects of this part of the beck.

The project is expected to cost £3.25 million and is part funded by the Council with matched funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Barney Lerner, chairman of FOBB, said "We are really pleased that our 10 years of working with Bradford Council has had such a successful outcome. A more natural and accessible river will enhance Bradford as a place to live and work as well as improving the environment.

"Perhaps we will see salmon exploring the Bradford Beck in a few years, and we certainly expect otters to become regular visitors. FOBB is continuing to work on reducing pollution to make sure the improved Beck is as clean as possible!"

It builds on the work already undertaken to make it easier for fish to move up the beck from the River Aire by installing sleepers to make the water deeper and to break up the fast flow.

This was constructed by the Wild Trout Trust on behalf of FOBB, the Environment Agency and the Council.

There have also been footpath improvements and planting of native species in and beside the beck organised by Bradford Council.

The first guided walk on May 19 will be to view the fish easements, planting and to discuss the plans for renaturalisation. The walk will be led by Mr Lerner, and the Council’s Landscape Architect for the project, Andrew Mindham.

In a separate project, Bradford Council has been enhancing the area around the Pitty Beck Wetlands off Bell Dean Road in Allerton.

New footpaths, a bridge over Pitty Beck, and a picnic area have been constructed, which have been funded by JUMP, which is creating move active places for families and communities in Bradford.

A guided walk to see the enhancements will be on June 9, again led by Barney Lerner and Andrew Mindham.

Numbers will be limited to 30 on each walk due to Covid. Contact if you would like to attend.