If you thought sales shopping was a nightmare, get a load of these sneak preview pictures from the brand new series of dinosaur series Primeval, starring Bradford actor Andrew Lee Potts.

The second series of the hit show, opens with an episode set in a shopping centre that has been overrun by vicious raptors - high-speed, ferociously agile dinos with a taste for meat and cruel claws.

The high-octane first episode, which airs on Saturday, January 12 on ITV1, features Wibsey-born Andrew and his co-star (and real-life girlfriend) Hannah Spearitt menaced by the fleet-footed fiends.

Andrew, 28, plays geeky Connor Temple, one of a team of dino-experts and adventurers who are tasked with solving the mystery of the sudden appearance of prehistoric creatures all over the British Isles.

The first series saw Andrew, ex-S Club 7 star Hannah, and their fellow cast-members Douglas Henshall (as team leader Nick Cutter) and James Murray as Stephen Hart discover that the dinosaurs were coming through "time anomalies" that spewed them out into the present day.

Cutter attempted to solve the enigma by leaping through an anomaly, but when he returned to the present day he found history had been changed, which was when the first series ended.

When it was announced last year that the series had been so popular that ITV had recommissioned it for a second season, Andrew said: "All I can say is expect some changes - some major changes. I can't reveal what they are, but they are huge. It's fair to say this series is going to rock.

"The writers really have put everything into the episodes. They're really pushing the boat out. The scripts are total page-turners."

As well as winning plaudits (and lots of female attention!) in front of the camera, Andrew is also working hard behind it as well. As he's been filming series two he's also been filming and directing a series of documentaries about the show which will be included on the DVD release of the first seven episodes.

He's also recently starred in the BBC3 Johnny Vegas comedy Ideal, and has directed and produced a number of short films himself.

Series two of Primeval is set to catapult Andrew to even greater heights - after shots of Andrew and Hannah appeared in several celebrity magazines over the summer he's been tipped as one to watch. Rumour has it that he will appear on Jonathan Ross's BBC1 chat show on the night before the Primeval launch.

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