THE chief of West Yorkshire's Police Federation has called on whoever wins this week's West Yorkshire Mayoral election to hold regular meetings with the union.

Brian Booth said that previously the Federation and Police and Crime Commissioner enjoyed a constructive relationship, meeting regularly to discuss pressing matters affecting officers across the county.

Ahead of Thursday's election, when West Yorkshire will choose its first ever mayor - who will take control of policing in the county - Mr Booth has called on whoever wins the vote to continue this relationship.

He said: “I would hope the successful candidate would continue to meet with the Federation on a regular basis and listen to our concerns, as this happens currently.

"On a first meeting I would be very interested in their vision and how that may affect my colleagues, and how we could work together to support officers in their difficult role, while providing an excellent policing service.

“We have our first meeting already diarised following the elections and I am looking forward to that.”

The current Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson will see his role become defunt by 2024, and once the West Yorkshire Mayor has been elected they will take on his powers.

The mayoral election takes place on Thursday, May 6, alongside local council elections.

The candidates for the role are: Waj Ali (Reform UK), Tracy Brabin (Labour), Bob Buxton (Yorkshire Party), Andrew Cooper (Green), Stewart Golton (Liberal Democrats), Therese Hirst (English Democrats), Matthew Robinson (Conservatives).