IN the past few weeks, the Covid-19 infection rate in Bradford has steadily been coming down, however some areas continue to have stubbornly high rates.

The Covid-19 infection rate in Bradford to April 25 was 55.9 infections per 100,000 people, less than half what it was four weeks ago.

However, seven areas in the district still have Covid-19 infection rates above 100, keeping the average rate high as the district continues to try and bring infections down.

Some of these areas have seen big spikes in the number of infections, while in others the rate remains stubbornly high.

Cottingley, Harden & Wilsden currently has the highest infection rate in the district at 147.4, and also the highest number of cases at 17.

This is a 325 per cent rise from seven days earlier, signalling a mini outbreak in the area.

It is followed by Great Horton & Brackenhill where the rate is 134.7, up 66 per cent from last week. However, rates in this area have consistently been above average in recent weeks.

Frizinghall & Heaton Grove has seen fluctuating rates, and it currently sits at 131.4 after cases doubled in a week from five to 10.

Fourth is Brown Royd, where the rate refuses to budge below 100 for a prolonged period as rates of infection remain stubbornly high, with a current rate of 125.5.

Next is Clayton, which like Cottingley has been hit by a spike in infections taking its rate to 116.9 after a 350 per cent increase in case numbers to nine.

Keighley South has suffered the same fate with cases up 250 per cent to seven.

Barkerend East is the final area with a rate above 100, at 102.1, and like Brown Royd it has been hamstrung by stubborn rates in recent weeks.

The rates and case numbers are a far cry from January when the third national lockdown hit and case numers in Bradford were above 1,500 and the infection rate was at almost 300, and a long way removed from the dark days of November when Bradford had more than 3,000 weekly cases and a rate of 580, with some parts of the city recording rates in excess of 1,000.

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