A company manager has been jailed for racking up a string of motoring offences because he didn’t want to tell his new partner he was banned from driving.

Ozman Hussein repeatedly flouted the law by driving while disqualified, uninsured, speeding, and then lying to the police about who was at the wheel, Bradford Crown Court heard last week.

Hussein, 32, of Claremont, Great Horton, Bradford, was imprisoned for ten months by Judge Jonathan Rose and banned from driving for two years.

Prosecutor Syam Soni said Hussein had notched up three convictions for drink-driving offences by 2019. In the October of that year, he was banned for three years.

He then committed a total of 18 offences for driving while disqualified, speeding, driving uninsured and making a false statement in a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

Mr Soni said the offences were first committed in his partner’s BMW 320 and then in a Volkswagen vehicle.

They spanned a period from April 8 to June 6 last year when Hussein was caught driving illegally on roads in and around Bradford, including Mayo Avenue and Westgate.

Mr Soni said he had pleaded guilty to 18 offences in all.

He claimed to both the police and his partner that a woman called Natasha Khan was driving the BMW and that she lived in Spain and had returned there.

Mr Soni said she didn’t exist. Hussein panicked when his partner was contacted about the offences committed in her car and invented Miss Khan.

Robin Patton, Hussein’s barrister, said: “He’s very, very aware of what’s likely to happen to him.”

Hussein’s company, that helped those in financial difficulty, employed six people and would not be able to continue without him.

Hussein was also a charity worker for an organisation that assisted homeless people with mental health problems.

Mr Patton said he began drinking alcohol after his “forced marriage” which was loveless and had ended acrimoniously.

He became depressed and anxious and turned to drink as a coping mechanism.

Hussein had suffered with his mental health, enabling him to understand and assist the people he reached out to in the charity.

He had stopped drinking in 2019 when he met his new partner.

Judge Rose said Hussein had told “a web of lies” to the police, dragging his partner in and duping her and lying to the police by making up a woman who didn’t exist.

Only an immediate sentence of imprisonment met the seriousness of the case.