IN the 1960s Derek AJ Lister was DJ Dal Stevens at the Gaumont and Majestic ballrooms.

Here Derek takes us back to Bradford’s Sixties music scene and its popular local bands.

Regulars at the Gaumont might recall the night pop star Rob Storme turned up. He is pictured with young admirers when he was a guest at a ‘Drinka Pinta Milk Week’ rock ‘n’ roll night in 1961.

Derek - who with DJ Dadio (Terry Moran) did over 1,000 sessions at the Gaumont and Majestic from 1960-1965 - talks us through the bands under the spotlight:

* The newly-formed Sansavinos in 1959. L-R: Mike Stephenson, Mick Kershaw, Dave Collins, Dave Pickup, Barry Lane. In 1960 the group became Mick and the Tornadoes

* The Strollers were latecomers who strolled onto the scene in 1962 and soon had lots of fans. L-R:Charles Whelan, Adrian Gunn, Clive Royston, John and Tony Rourke.

* The Tom Boys with Helen - one of Bradford’s finest groups. Back : Dennis and Helen McCaffery, David Hardaker, Harry Foster. Front: Tommy Butler, Terry Lee.

* Vince Wayne and the Falcons at the Boy and Barrel. L-R: Dave Marshall, Dave Barraclough, Ray Smith, Alan Thornton, Vince Wayne. Vince was a very good vocalist and teen favourite.

* Lee Chevin and the Ravers publicity photo for EMI. One of only three Bradford groups to have a recording contract. Rod Wright, Brian Bastow, Lee Chevin, Dave Pannett, Dave Archer.

* The Cresters in 1963. Back row: John Harding, Malcolm Clark, Richard Harding. Front: Johnnie Casson who was with them 20 years and later became a top comic

* Geoff and the Prosecutors 1963. Four smart lads at a working men’s club night.Vocalist Geoff missed put on the photo. L-R:John Waite, Ian Greenwood, Mick Duffy, PaulYoung.

* Mel Clarke Four,1958: Mel Clarke, Drew Charles, Colin Houghton, Steve ‘Red’ Williams. Popular group from late 1950s-1960s. Always in demand, much admired by other groups.