BRADFORD peace campaigners are taking part in a ‘Light in the Darkness’ candle-lit lakeside walk in Lister Park tonight.

The socially distanced, candle-lit lakeside walk, with musical accompaniment from Bradford’s own Peace Artistes Street Band, will start at 8.30pm (sunset).

The Bradford CND campaigners say the event is a celebration that nuclear weapons are now illegal under international law.

It will be lit by 1,000 LED tea-lights arranged around the lake, culminating in a giant illuminated peace symbol on the bank below Cartwright Hall.

The event was originally scheduled for January 22, the day the UN nuclear ban treaty became law, but was postponed due to Covid safety concerns.

“To be honest, it’ll be more joyful to do the lakeside walk in the warmer weather,” said Matt Fawcett, one of the event organisers. “It feels like the right moment with spring in full bloom just as we all emerge from lockdown.”

The event is the brainchild of local artist and Bradford CND member, Mike Barrett.

He said: “These have been very worrying times for all of us and I just felt we shouldn’t let such positive news pass without celebration.

"The majority of the world nations are coming together and working hard to ensure future generations aren’t threatened by these monstrous weapons - there is indeed light in the darkness.”

While the event is one of celebration, the darkness remains, underlined by the Boris Johnson recent decision to abandon decades of gradual nuclear disarmament and increase Britain’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction by over 40 per cent.

“It’s staggering,” said Toller-based campaigner David Somerville. “After all we’ve been though this last year to hear the Government say ‘we can’t afford to give the nurses more than a one per cent pay-rise’ yet we’ve countless billions to waste on starting a new nuclear arms race? It’s an insult.”

Opposition is growing and not only in Parliament, cities around the country have been pledging their support for the UN nuclear ban and calling on the Government to join negotiations.

“Already this year Leeds and Lancaster Councils have added their names to the growing list of supportive cities and we’re hopeful that Bradford Council will the next to take the leap,” said Joyce Robertshaw.

“We’ve had 13 Bradford councillors, from three different political parties sign-up to help us make it happen and are always keen to welcome more.”

Attendees are invited to arrive at the Norman Arch entrance on Keighley Road from 8.30pm and to maintain social distance at all times.

All are welcome to stroll around the lake at their leisure, the event will close at 9.30pm.