THE Bradford district has passed the 50 per cent mark for total population vaccinated against Covid-19, the latest data shows.

The NHS figures on vaccination show that up to April 18, 50.6 per cent of Bradford adults had received the Covid-19 vaccine, up just one per cent from last week.

The number of over 50s receiving the jab increased by even less – just 0.2 per cent – however there was a surge as more than half of the district’s 45 to 49-year-olds who have been patiently waiting to get vaccinated came forward for the jab.

The vaccine became available to all over 45s from April 13, and within five days almost 20,000 people, 53.5 per cent of that age group’s population, had received the jab in Bradford.

However, Bradford continues to trail behind the national and West Yorkshire averages on vaccinating the over 50s, 2.6 per cent behind the total in England.

For total population in the UK the figure is 33.1 million (62 per cent), with 10.8 million having had both doses (20 per cent of all adults).

Second dose figures for the Bradford district are not available, but for the Bradford District & Craven CCG area, 85,713 people have received their second dose of the vaccine. 67,487 of whom are aged over 50.

The Shipley constituency is the area of the district which continues to lead the way on vaccinations; 92.4 per cent of over 50s have had the jab, 63.5 per cent of the total population, and now 61.3 per cent of 45 to 49 year olds.

It is followed by Keighley, while Bradford East and West continue to trail behind in the roll out.

The vaccination figures for each Bradford constituency are:

  • Bradford East – 27,990 over 50s vaccinated (82.2% of over 50s population), 42,963 total vaccinations (43.1% of total adult population), 3,906 45 to 49 year olds vaccinated (47.7% of 45-49s)
  • Bradford South - 32,206 (87.7%), 47,675 (54%), 4,146 (59.9%)
  • Bradford West – 24,364 (77.3%), 40,573 (37.6%), 3,895 (45.7%)
  • Keighley – 37,848 (90.3%), 50,615 (59.5%), 3,752 (55.6%)
  • Shipley – 39,622 (92.4%), 53,379 (63.5%), 4,240 (61.3%)