BRADFORD has been ranked among the 20 mouldiest cities in the UK, according to a study.

The damp climate and constant showers also wreak havoc on UK houses. Damp, condensation and mould are issues that can lead to property damage and may even affect the health of occupants.

The team at Allerton Damp Proofing have analysed a year of Google searches for damp solutions across the UK to reveal the areas where residents have the most issues with their property and damp.

Using the content research tool Ahrefs, the team found the most common questions online relating to damp, condensation and mould. They then analysed these in Google Keyword Planner to calculate the number of people who searched for damp-related problems and solutions over the past year across the UK.

There have been 12,636,555 damp issue queries in the UK this past year.

Bradford was ranked 17th in the list with 47,546 people experiencing issues with damp this past year.

London was ranked first, with 1,266,656 residents having issues with damp, mould and condensation.

Birmingham is second, with 227,537 people experiencing issues this past year. This is followed by Bristol with 152,955 searches and Liverpool, with 110,354 searches.

Leeds was ninth with 87,953 people experiencing issues this past year.