INTERCULTURAL Communication and Leadership School (ICLS) and Keighley Pride are inviting volunteers to an online event to find out how how they can contribute to Sew Keighley Pride.

Sew Keighley Pride will combine almost 300 hand-sewn patches into the Progress Pride Flag to be flown at the Keighley Pride event in August.

Volunteer coordinator Sally Stone said: “Everybody is welcome - we have lots of roles for all sorts of skills.

"We're looking for keen crafters who can work with people not able to make their own patch, social media gurus and ambassadors to help get the word out to the community, and people who are happy to support real life workshops when they're able to happen.

“It's a great opportunity for people who want to ease themselves into socialising after lockdown and be part of a friendly team working in the community.”

The volunteer event will be held over Zoom at 7pm on Wednesday. Details can be found on, or by emailing

Potential volunteers will find out about the project, working with internationally renowned textile artist Morwenna Catt, and the Citizen Coin scheme where volunteers are able to 'earn coins' to 'spend' in local independent businesses.

“There are no barriers to being a volunteer, you can come from any background, ability, gender or sexuality: Everyone is welcome!” said Sally.

“With such an exciting project for Keighley we're hoping people from all walks of life will be involved and bring their skills to help make it happen.

“As we come out of lockdown we are hoping to run workshops in real life and build on the success of the project so far.”

More information can be found on Instagram @ICLSEducation, Facebook ICLSBradford and Twitter @iclsbradford